A giant mural for Karim Benzema in Bron

For almost two months, the painters have been busy in their gondolas, on the edge of the Lyon ring road, near Bron, in a secret that until then had been pretty well kept. Everyone now knows that the artists were doing a giant fresco in honor of Karim Benzema, the boy from the neighborhood, although the information has had a harder time leaking out in recent weeks. The mayor of the city, Jérémie Bréaud, had sold a bit of the wick, on the sidelines of the Ballon d’Or presentation, but the painters remained very quiet, not wanting to reveal their name or their company, content- systematically cover each one. part of the drawing when it was finished.

Adidas, the sponsor of the Real Madrid striker, financed the work in its entirety. It will be fully visible from Friday, on the edge of a twelve-storey building, which rises to a height of 35 meters. We can see the evolution of Benzema, from Bron to Real Madrid, passing through OL, under the famous motto of the German equipment manufacturer, “impossible is res”.

The Groupama Stadium was sold out

This fresco, which “competes” directly with the one financed by Nike for Kylian Mbappé in Bondy, should be unveiled during the day in a small committee. The board of France and Europe of Adidas is expected, along with Benzema, some relatives and local children invited for the occasion. The Blues centre-forward could go to the Groupama Stadium on Friday evening to attend OL-Nice with his sponsor and present the Ballon d’Or to the audience of his training club. The stadium will be sold out and in any case very lively, since the Bad Gones are celebrating their 35th anniversary and have several headlines planned.

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