Ancelotti: “We made a good start to the season”

NEWS. 10/11/2022

“Rodrygo’s action seems clear to me: it’s a punch,” added the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti has appeared before the media in the Santiago Bernabéu press room after the victory against Cadiz: “The break comes at the right time because there is nothing else to do. We have had a good start to the season. We are just right. At this point in the season, but we have met our goals. Now we will rest. We have taken 35 points in the League. It is more than last year. We missed the Ballon d’Or, he scored 50 goals last season. We are happy. We came to these last games a bit tired. Asensio was tired and I didn’t want to take any chances with him.”

“Suffering is normal. When you think you’re going to make it 3-0 and you don’t, it might happen that we concede a goal. We suffered a bit in the last few minutes, but that’s normal against a team that played well. for 90 minutes. About Rodrygo’s action, they will have reasons not to call the VAR. It seemed clear to me, a punch.”

“The team was good and it was my idea not to change them. We made our first change when they scored. The team got along well and were comfortable. We created chances and were fresh. Changes are made when you see a tired player or to change the strategy. You don’t have to change to change.”

The provocations
“Vinicius manages what is happening very well. He has a particular marking of the rivals. In the last games we have touched him many times and he has controlled himself well. The other day I saw a statistic that is important for Spanish football. She says that in the big five leagues she has the most red cards. 55 against 10 in the Premier League. I don’t mean tonight there is no, there was no red, because there is red. But many are.’ t. It affects Spanish football, which is not ugly football.”

“Having more than 50 red cards means a lot. It is a fact that affects the show. Watching a game 9 against 11 is not a game. Some fouls remind me of Real Sociedad against Valencia, Borja Iglesias in the derby and the from Rakitic yesterday. You have to be careful with red cards because there is no inferiority match, there is no duel. This is not a criticism, it is a fact. I want to emphasize it because I am a lover of Spanish football. , which is very nice, all the teams are playing. Breaking this balance with the cards is something to appreciate”.

“Tonight we have good news because we take three points that bring us closer to the leader. I will sleep well because it is the last press conference. We will resume training on December 1 and play some friendlies. players returning from the World Cup will have 10 days of rest. Those who play in the final will have 10 days of rest and will be able to play against Valladolid.”

The VAR on Rodrygo’s aggression
“I saw a video that is not clear. They will have arguments for not having used the VAR.”

Kroos’ game
“His position is always the same. Defensively he is attentive because Tchouameni is a different player. He likes to play with the ball and move. Little by little they are combining well.”

His program during the World Cup
“I will watch it at home. I love football and it will be an entertaining and competitive World Cup. There are no favorites and all teams have their chance. I will watch my players with their national teams like Spain, Brazil, Germany, Croatia etc . Uruguay… There are a lot of teams. I hope we see a good World Cup where the best win. Unfortunately, Italy won’t be there.”

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