And in five minutes, nothing: we tried to buy tickets to the NBA game in Paris

noon sharp this Thursday, November 10. It’s time, it’s time to try your luck: buy tickets for the NBA game on Thursday, January 19, 2023 at the Accor Arena between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons. Three years later and a Covid pandemic, the NBA will once again leave its bags on the banks of the Seine. There are events that should not be missed and this is one of them.

Still, he’s (very) lucky. To get a sesame, only one possible destination: the online box office of the Accor Arena, the great hall in the east of Paris that will host the event. You don’t need to go anywhere else, to the places selling tickets for shows like Fnac and company: they don’t offer anything. The sale is exclusive in one way. We missed the fan presale that was two days earlier. No regrets to be honest: the few tickets put on the market for the occasion disappeared in a few seconds and the discontent on the networks was substantial: the prevention SMS never arrived, errors to connect…

First good news before we connect: we are told that tickets are on sale from 65 euros. Expensive for a folding seat at the top of the room, but why not. In fact, you have to pay between 80 and 815 euros to watch the match from the so-called classic stands. And if you want to have even more fun for a place on the edge of the field, it’s more than 1,500 euros that you have to prepare to go out. It is not in our intentions.

Over 40,000 people ahead of us in the queue - bad start.
Over 40,000 people ahead of us in the queue – bad start.

12:01: Connection activated. But there is no good surprise in the page that appears on the screen: we are immediately at position 40757 of the virtual queue. The Accor Arena cannot accommodate more than 16,000 people. Among the invitations, the places already on pre-sale, we imagine that at that moment around 10,000 places are on sale. It’s a bad start. 34 minutes of waiting they also tell us? It happens quickly but doesn’t help much. A little trip to Twitter to pass the time tells us that it’s all gone. It’s not 12:07 yet!

We try our luck by opening a new window on the computer but there, there is not even hope anymore: 12:21, we are kindly informed that “the show is complete”. The other window is still spinning. 22,000, 13,000: The number of people in front of us decreases. But we know it’s too late. When our turn finally arrives at exactly 12:46 pm there is nothing left. It’s really complete.

Next, we check in with eBay, the online auction site, to see if the smart ones take advantage. Yes – just bought, there is already a place back for sale. Rate? 600 euros category 6, in the middle of the stands at an initial price of 315 euros. Too expensive. Let’s take our turn: we’ll watch the match on TV on Canal + or BeIN Sport, which will broadcast it. And we leave it to the networks, the disappointed fans to vent their frustration.

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