At Roma, ‘traitor’ Rick Karsdorp responds to Jose Mourinho

Roma defender Rick Karsdorp’s agent Johan Henkes is demanding an explanation from the club following Jose Mourinho’s comments following the team’s 1-1 Serie A draw at Sassuolo on Wednesday.

During the post-match press conference, the Portuguese coach said that one of his players had done it “betrayed” his teammates, and although he did not name him, the Italian press reported that it was the 27-year-old Dutch winger.

“This is not how you treat a player who has been playing for Roma for five years”

Henkes, Karsdorp agent

Mourinho did not spare the player who arrived at the club in 2017 from Feyenoord: “I regret that the team’s efforts have been betrayed by the attitude of an unprofessional player, he approached I had 16 players on the field and I liked the attitude of 15 of them. I didn’t like any of it and said so. » On his way, “Mou” had added: “I told him that in January he had to look for a new club. »

“We are surprised by Mourinho’s statements, which point to Rick, without Mourinho or Roma mentioning Rick’s name. We want an explanation from the club about what the manager said and why he said it.”Henkes told Dutch public broadcaster NOS. “This is not how you treat a player who has been playing for Roma for five years”added.

He hasn’t escaped Mourinho either

Entering the 2nd period in place of ex-Lille Mehmet Celik, Karsdorp let ex-Lorient Armand Laurienté, decisive passer in Sassuolo’s equalizing goal (85th), center. Roma had opened the scoring 5 minutes earlier.

Mourinho is not spared in Italy, where the press accuses him of being better at attacking others than making his own criticisms, while Roma are only seventh in Serie A despite a great recruitment (Dybala, Wijnaldum…) .

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