beautiful Gorillas dark shop makes life difficult for locals: ‘I’m at my wit’s end’

Neighbors complain about the noise pollution caused by delivery trucks in the early hours of the morning.
Residents complain about the daily noise pollution caused by delivery trucks in the early hours of the morning. (©Screenshot/Manon Reinhardt Twitter)

Carole is always “at her wit’s end”. For several months, this neighbor has been fighting against the warehouse that was installed in July 2021 at the foot of her building, the company Gorillas, on boulevard Risso in Nice (Alps Maritimes).

This is an application that allows you to buy online and receive it in less than 10 minutes. Convenient for the consumer but a little less so for the residents of this building who complain daily hassles.

“It’s not because I decided to live in the city that I have to suffer this”

Because in Gorillas the groceries are brought by bicycle, but the warehouse also needs to be replenished daily. And here’s the problem: every morning, the delivery truck is parked at the back of this building.

“There was an effort, it’s true, installing a sound carpet so that the pallets would make less noise and changing their delivery times from 5 to 7 in the morning. But this morning, again, the truck remained for more than an hour with the engine on when the delivery. was finished I even went downstairs one morning to tell him to shut up, he was overwhelmed!”

Carol Inhabitant of the building

Another topic: the pollution generated for these deliveries. “It is not because I decided to live in the city that I have to suffer this, plagues this professional nurse. I’ve always known shops on the ground floor of my house but I’ve never had this kind of problem, it’s ugly, it’s a real pain and there’s no solution! »

“Something that devalues ​​the building”

This is also what Graciella, another neighbor of the building, criticizes the structure. “We still have the same problem because the suppliers and deliveries in the morning make noise and then the bicycle ballet is still there,” he explains.

A few months ago, he reprimanded the delivery men for smoking in front of the entrance of the building after 6 in the morning and disturbing the neighborhood. “They no longer take a smoke break in front of the entrance, but still, it’s something that devalues ​​our building,” he says.

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status quo

Complaints that have already been heard by the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi. The elected said he wanted to put an end to this type of activity in the center of the city, considering that it generates “significant disturbances to public order”.

Specifically, he asked the government to leave him free choice of the installation of these warehouses, still about to be legalized. But since then, it’s kind of been the status quo. For its part, the city council explains Good news waiting for the publication of a ministerial decree.

“I don’t see that they intend to move, it works the same”, describes Graciella. And these are also Carole’s fears: “The problem in our case is that they are already installed, so it will be difficult to evict them. Above all, we hope they leave with the new municipal project”. This project? The expansion of the green corridor and the destruction of the Acropolis.

Legal battle in Paris

In Paris, too, the city council has taken a stand against dark shops. However, the latter have just won a first legal battle suspension by the administrative contentious court all acts of infringement of which they were the subject.

“I’m afraid that this will set a precedent here”, fears Carole, who is counting on the rehabilitation of the neighborhood to “escape” this warehouse. Contacted by Good newsGorillas has not yet responded to our requests.

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