bet on 7 races and you could soon win $550,000

For betting enthusiasts, here’s a story that will probably get people talking. Reported this week by Hugo Decipher, an American bettor would have bet $26 on the names of 7 future winners of sports competitions last year. Great, so what? Well, the man in question is already good at 6 of them, including the Golden State Warriors, NBA champions in 2022. So, he’s just one more away from landing the big prize: $550,000.

There are those who like daily bets, and there are those who like year-long bets.

By reminding our friendly community not to (hashtag) bowling, it’s clear that there are fortune tellers on this planet. And when we meet, bet or not, well, we like to applaud them. So it was a few months ago that an American, whose identity we do not know until now, tried a crazy bet: give the winner of 7 different sports competitions. From football to basketball to baseball, he left a wad of cash ($26) saying: why not hey

And in the lot, as you can see below: Golden State Warriors NBA champions in 2022, which was validated last June.

So here we are today a few steps away, or a few kicks in this case, from a crazy story.

And why this?

Because the magician in question predicted the champion of the French national soccer team in the 2023 World Cup.

We will be very wise in our sport and not put our crampons on this ground, but we have to admit that it is very scary a few weeks before this competition, as a human being on this planet is potentially about to announce 1 sports year results in advance.

Here, in detail, are the 7 competitions he bet on:

  • NBA: Golden State Warriors 2022 Champions (valid)
  • NCAA: Kansas Jayhawks 2022 Champions (valid)
  • NHL: Colorado Avalanche 2022 Stanley Cup Winners (valid)
  • Premier League: Manchester City win 2022 (valid)
  • Serie A: AC Milan winner 2022 (valid)
  • MLS: Los Angeles FC 2022 Winner (valid)
  • FIFA : France 2022 team winner (?)

Winners in 2018, the Blues will obviously be among the big favorites for final victory in Qatar, but recent results and a long injury list are not really reassuring less than two weeks before the first group game against Australia. Please note that the list of players selected for the competition will also be announced this evening at 20:00 TF1. If Antoine Griezmann and co try to add a third star to the shirt, chances are someone will be looking closely at the results of Didier Deschamps’ men. Inevitably, there is a jackpot to be found.

As for the warriors? Well, you had to have some in the wheelbarrow to announce a year ago that they were going to be champions. With all due respect to Stephen Curry and his gang, the uncertainties were huge around Klay Thompson, and the contributions of Gary Payton II or Otto Porter Jr were yet to be determined, not to mention the emergence of Jordan Poole. Hell of a bet on its own, but then in a pack of 7 predictions we’re reaching the top.

$26 wagered on seven sports competition winners, 550,000 up for grabs, the jackpot is within reach of this mystery bettor. Will the French team make that dream come true in the coming weeks?

Text source: Hugo Décrypte

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