Blues: Raphaël Varane injured his right thigh just weeks before the World Cup

We saw him break out to intercept Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s shot in the 56th minute, then lose his footing and collapse, flat on his stomach, almost motionless. Raphaël Varane took a long time to get up, and if it was a little pain, it was a lot of despair. The France international and Manchester United defender knows his body, having struggled with it for many years, juggling injuries, struggling with healing times – in his way of collapsing – in tears, and hiding his sobs and his anguish in his shirt, the vice-captain of the blues was certain, at this moment, to miss the World Cup, one month to the day before the entry into competition of the selection of France, against Australia, on November 22.

The Euro 2016 nightmare in mind

Four or five minutes later, he was able to walk off the field, copiously insulted and abused by a Chelsea crowd indifferent to his sentence. In front of the television, the fact that he could walk was immediately interpreted by the Blues staff as a positive sign amid an ocean of worries, and in the evening the medical staff had to contact his fellow Mancunians.

But a month before the World Cup, this injury and the same way the player experienced it are very bad signs. According to our information, Raphaël Varane is suffering from a hamstring injury in his right thigh, and it will be necessary to know the extent of the muscle damage to have an idea of ​​the healing time, and to know if he still has a chance to play in the third World Cup of his career . Erik ten Hag, his coach, remained deliberately vague: “It’s too early to know. I can understand that he got so excited, because he went through a lot of injuries, but we have to wait, let our medical staff do their job and establish a diagnosis. »

Ten Hag is partly to blame for this injury, because he has just made him play three full games in seven days, when everyone knows the Frenchman has to manage himself, and it was already miraculous that he was stringing games at this level after everything he’s been through. . By comparison, Graham Potter, the Chelsea manager, rested Thiago Silva in midweek.

The French team could be deprived of their 2018 defensive slot

In this period when all high-level players are afraid of injury, so close to the World Cup, Raphaël Varane faces another trauma, that of having missed Euro 2016 when he felt able to take the story along the way, from the second. or third match: however, Didier Deschamps has always had a policy of not taking a player who would not be fit for the first group match to the final stage, and he recently remembered. Varane doesn’t necessarily need to be fully fit in a month, but he needs to be fully healed, and his sobs this afternoon at Stamford Bridge seem to indicate he doesn’t believe that.

Kanté loses, Pogba faces an uncertain time trial, Varane awaits verdict, Umtiti has disappeared from the international scene: the French team is at risk of being deprived in Qatar of the defensive place it had made his glory and his title at the world level in 2018.

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