Clara Matéo against France-Norway: “A year rich in emotions”

“How was the return to the selection after missing the previous meeting?
Obviously I am very happy, I had suffered a shock during a day of the Championship at the level of the head, I have a fracture at the level of the cheekbone. I had to play with a mask for a while. Things are better there. He recovered well. I am very happy to return to this last meeting in 2022.

“This euro has a taste of unfinished business. But it was a discovery. We were able to gain experience”

2022 has been quite an exceptional year for you. What was the most memorable memory?
It was a year quite rich in emotions, full of discoveries. I was able to gain experience during the Euro. Still a great experience. There is disappointment with the result of the match against Germany, we would have liked to know another end to the match. This euro has a taste of unfinished business. But in any case, it was a discovery. We were able to gain experience. I hope we use our mistakes to move forward and move forward.

Your versatile profile is an asset to the France team. What has not playing the same position for club and national team contributed to your progress?
It’s all good to take. We progress every day in training and then every weekend in games. The fact of evolving in a different position at the club also brings me closer in day to day life. I try to bring to the French national team what I learn at the club and vice versa. Evolving in different positions allows me to try to complete my palette and develop different qualities and make collective progress.

Are you surprised that you are doing well even when you change positions?
I tried not to ask too many questions. I tried to live in the present moment, to be in the game at the moment T. It is a strength that we must continue to develop with the aim that as soon as we can pass, we make the pass. As soon as we can haggle, we try to haggle. Be there to try to be accessible between the lines and break the opposing lines when you have the ball. They are individual aspects but always there to make the collective shine.

“No matter what position I play, I will give my best”

In which position do you feel most comfortable?
There really isn’t any. It really depends on what is being asked, on the opposition, on the system that is put in place. I can evolve in different positions, but I think in this case we are diverse. What is needed is to manage to find a complementarity between each of the players, because, depending on the players with whom he is associated, he will also play with them. Regardless of the position I will play in, I will give my best.

If they had told you last year that you would present the World Cup, would you have believed it?
It was a long-term goal. I had a slightly closer target, it really was the Euro. Must be able to perform well at the club. You have to work every day at a club, be efficient so that you can then claim to keep my place, here, in the French national team. I am aware of all this, that we have to keep working.

With Paris FC, you work very well, you are third, not far from PSG and Lyon. Can you aim for second place this season to do better than last year?
We realized that we had everything to try to compete for the top three places in the Championship. Last year we were a bit of a surprise team. This year, we see that we are a bit of the expected team. We have changed state. Teams that draw against us will be happy. It is even more difficult to perform. The Championship becomes more homogeneous. We know it’s getting tough. We are all competitors, we want to look higher. Third place is far from certain, we will have to fight to keep it. We had addicts at the start of the season. What is important is to get points from the teams we are currently behind in the standings. We also have to try to hang on to the two clubs in front of us, which we didn’t manage to do last season. There is a playing card for everyone. »

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