Corinne Deacon before Norway-France: “See another side of the French team”

Corinne Deacon (France national team coach, before the match against Norway): “The slogan is not to lose. We want to see another side of the French national team, to have a team that fights. If that’s the case, and we put in the right ingredients, not just a minimum, it shouldn’t be too bad, even if we also meet a very good team from Norway. But without worrying about the opponent, we have to give up.

We cannot be satisfied with conceding five goals in two games on the last day, nor with having scored a single goal in two games. In this course we will not solve everything in three sessions and, at the same time, everything should not be thrown away. We want to do better, already from the point of view of the game, I won’t say that I don’t care about the result, because I never care, but the performance of the team will be important. »

Wendie Renard (captain of the French national team, before Norway-France): “The goal is to win. We have focused on the defensive aspect, we want to find simple things. We are focused for tomorrow. The coach brought back her video about the things that didn’t work.

(In the offensive aspect) We have the situations, but we are not enough killers. When we play big nations, they don’t give gifts. We will have to manage not to face the Norwegians. Norway is still a great nation, which has won trophies. I don’t know if we can say they are injured after the Euros (elimination in first round), in any case they still have great players, it will be a difficult game. Against them, they have always been very sporting matches. »

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