Football (National 3): Feignies-Aulnoye wins the clash against Marcq and regains control

Fifteen days after a shocking setback in Vimy (2-3), the Sambrians won the summit that faced them in Marcq-en-Baroeul (0-1). They found the defensive base they had lost in Artois. And Florent Stevance scored his penalty this time!

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Beyond the three points obtained against one of their main direct competitors for promotion at the end of the season, this was the main satisfaction of Finésiens’ coaches after the success obtained this Saturday evening in Marcq: his team regained a solid defensive base after the three goals and the conceded defeat two weeks earlier in Vimy (2-3).

In this sense, Feignies-Aulnoye has not done any different to the other formations when they appear on the synthetic turf of the Georges-Niquet stadium. Still running the risk of putting only three midfielders, which forced Mohamed Lachaab, Malik Sambou and Franck Vaast to withdraw more than usual when the ball was lost, to leave a few spaces that the Marcquois, and in particular Kyllian Mammou, they could have done. explode in the first quarter of an hour.

It required a great deal of tactical adaptation, justifies one of the two Sambrian coaches Krszyztof Ziecik. Marcq has a particular style of play. We know we will have less ball. We just had to stay in place to not give them chances in front of goal. We did well. »

Less rhythm after goal

Marcq, however, entered the meeting better. Until the referee notices the lack of hand of Benjamin Vérité at the exit of a corner. The penalty converted into force by Florent Stevance (15th) brutally cut this momentum. The balance of power was balanced until the break although the suburbs of Lille still ensured the development of the match at a peak that began to purr despite the high technical and tactical quality of their players.

Against this team, it’s important not to be behind because you tend to get discovered and can be punished immediately. “, completes the other Finésien coach Jean Antunes.

Marcq always dangerous, even at ten o’clock

If the Marcquois started the second period with their feet on the ground offering more percussion, it was, however, Franck Vaast who first took the ball out of the 2-0 in extremis with the return of Clément Masson (58th). The prelude to a quarter of an hour a bit crazy and ultimately unfavorable to OM with a decisive save by Fernand against Guelsifi (60), a penalty rejected by Mihoubi against Fereira (64), then Masson’s expulsions (two warnings in three). minutes) and Guelsifi (warned before his substitute then author of a reflex of mood after the change, 72nd) that has betrayed all the local frustration at the events.

Even in numerical inferiority, Marcq, nevertheless, knew how to worry his rival until the end of the meeting. Substitutes Joël Mawungu and Noam Merabti also had their chance. But they did not frame their attempts.

Whatever the level, there is often a resurgence of strength, a change in attitude in the outnumbered team, points out the duo Ziecik-Antunes. Marcq are a very good team and the end of the game against Vimy was still on their minds and the boys were afraid of doing something wrong. We had to relaunch after this poor performance. We did well. »

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