From La Cromagnon to urban trail running, athletes are reconnecting with running through Abbeville

Three years after a very remarkable first edition, the Abbeville urban route returns on September 18.
Three years after a very remarkable first edition, the urban route of Abbeville
returns on September 18. (© Le Journal d’Abbeville / file photo)

The two years of the health crisis have been tough for the running world. Not for the practice itself, which many fell in love with when they came out of confinement.

But for the organizers of the race, who have faced cancellations or forced postponements, and limitations that have caused more than one athlete to resign.

The time has finally arrived for the runners to recover

A timid recovery had begun last September: around Abbeville, the Domart-en-Ponthieu club had been the first, and one of the only ones, to dare to face the still great fears of many.

Domartoise had indeed run under a beaming sun and with a smile for several hundred runners who rekindled their passion for the first time in many months.

At the beginning of 2022, the period was still very uncertain, as he remembers a decision that impressed: that of canceling for the third consecutive time the legendary Transbaie, which therefore will not return before 2023.

The nature races have the coast, in the countryside or in the forest

From this August, however, other essential races will return, such as the Cromagnon, a very busy route that will be run for the first time since 2019, on the last Sunday of August.

Registration is now open for this 8 or 16 km race, which will take runners to discover the mountainous environment of Drucat, between fields and undergrowth.

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Registrations are also open for two trails that, unfortunately, will be run on the same day, Saturday 3 September: the Laura Run in the Crécy forest, and the Domartoise in Domart-en-Ponthieu.

Trail Urbain d’Abbeville: a long-awaited second edition

Another appointment: the long-awaited return of the Urban Trail in Abbeville, whose first edition in September 2019 had no follow-up due to Covid.

However, it had attracted a very large crowd of runners, many of whom had come not for a performance (the race was not timed anyway) but for the pleasure of running in such unusual places as Carmel or the Skate Park. An experience to repeat on September 18.

Other dates to include in the runners’ calendar: Amiens marathon (and 100km) on October 15th, the 4 Seasons final (10km) in Amiens on November 6th, the beautiful trail from Vidames to Picquigny on November 11. , that of the Allumés of Namps-au-Val on November 26, or even the very festive Corrida de Nadal on December 11 in the heart of Abbeville… The list is not exhaustive, but there is already much more provided only in 2021.

Cromagnon in Drucat

It is the great comeback after three years of absence of this nature race of 16 and 8 km organized by the Drucat Tous Jambes club, Sunday August 28 at 10 am. Also on the program are children’s races, as well as a raffle, a barbecue and a prize for the best costume. Information and registration on the website €12, €10 for the “mini Cro”.

The Laura Run in Forest-L’Abbaye

Great return also for this solidarity route of 11 km in the forest of Crécy, for the benefit of the association A smile for Laura. See you on Saturday, September 3. departure is at 4.30 pm from the old Forest-l’Abbaye football stadium. A 6 km walk through the forest is also offered. Registration (€10) is done on the website.

La Domartoise in Domart-en-Ponthieu

5th edition of this trail of 12 or 21 km (photo) whose long route takes runners through the beautiful landscape of Arbre de la Creu and the Rideau Valley. See you on Saturday 3 September in Domart-en-Ponthieu, for a departure at 4.30 pm (21 km) and at 5 pm (12 km). There is also a 6.5km Discovery Trail at 5.15pm, ungraded. Registration on the website: €10 for the 12 km, €15 for the 21 km, €5 for the discovery route.

The urban path in Abbeville

Three years after a memorable first edition, the Courir A Abbeville club is organizing its second Urban Trail in the heart of Abbeville on Sunday, September 18, with a new 10 km route that will cross city monuments, private and public parks , with all music groups. along the route. Departures and arrivals at Plaça Clémenceau, at 9 a.m. for walkers and at 10 a.m. for runners. Registration at €10, €5 minors.

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