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In Football Manager 2023 you will often find yourself with a limited transfer budget and we will tell you how to increase it.

Soccer Manager 2023the new installment of the famous football club management simulation is released this Tuesday, November 8 on PC, MacOS, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and mobile and as in the previous games, you will have a recruitment budget to hire free agents or nuggets.

Some players also wonder how to increase this budget which is often very limited in most clubs and so we will show you the different methods that will allow you to have a bigger budget.

What methods are available in Football Manager 2023 to increase your transfer budget?

If you want to increase your club’s transfer budget, well, there are several methods, some of which are more or less reliable than others, so here are the ways that can give you an increased budget.

Adjust the transfer/salary budget

One of the first methods to increase your transfer budget is to go through the ” finance “, so reduce the salary budget to increase the transfer budget. Of course, you have to respect the salary budget cap and also have enough funds to be able to pay the player you want to sign.


Ask the leaders

Another method is to make a request to those in charge to grant you an additional envelope for transfers. To do this, go back to ” finance then click the button Ask the leaders which is under “Adjust Budget”. You just have to choose Increase in transfer budgets in the finance section. Obviously, this method is not one of the most effective, as the decision rests with the club managers.

sell players

The final and possibly most effective method is simply sell players you are not interested in within your club or players with interesting value. Of course, most of the time players with a certain value are key members of your team, but it’s usually possible replace them with cheaper recruits or free agentseven nuggets if you have recruited effectively. We remind you in passing you can find wonderkids for less than five million euros and that it can be very interesting to recruit to have a future team or increase their value to resell them later and thus increase your transfer budget.

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