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In Football Manager 2023 it is important to find the future stars of world football and we will tell you how to find them.

Soccer Manager 2023the new opus of Sports Interactive’s famous football license will be released this Tuesday, November 8 on PC, MacOS, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android mobiles, but the title is now available in beta access.

As in previous games, an important element will be to find to find the nuggetsyoung players who are the future stars of world football and we’ll tell you how to find them with your scouting tools.

How to find the best nuggets in Football Manager 2023?

If you want to know the method to find the Wonderkids (or young players / nuggets) in Football Manager 2023, well, go through your scouting team. To find the coolest nuggets, you’ll have to take into account the “Prospect Assessment” stat of the Scout and Recruiting Analyst and a minimum of 14 is required. An important point to consider is the adaptability or knowledge of the recruiter (or scout) of the country to which you want to send him.

How to find nuggets in Football Manager 2023 (Credits: Arthur Ray)

If your recruiter only knows France, don’t try to send him to a South American country unless he has at least a very good adaptability. If you have respected these elements, you will be able to start your recruitment and to do so you will have to define the search criteria. To find the nuggets, here’s the way to go:

  • Click on the menu ” recruitment »
  • Then click on ” Create a recruiting focus »
  • Check the box ” Any position from the tactic », then specify the potential at least a 3 and a half stars
  • Of course, specify the age between 15 and 23 yearsbut also the contracting region
  • End the search by marking the priority ” continued “, so choose your recruiters, the analyst and finally press the key To be confirmed

You’re done, you’ve defined your search and your recruiters will be looking for nuggets all year long. If you want to make your life easier, we offer guides for each interesting young person in a specific position that are available in our article dedicated to the best Football Manager 2023 nuggets.

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