Igor Tudor (OM): “Jonathan (Clauss) must take this as a challenge”

“How are you managing the preparation of your men for this match this particular week, with the World Cup roster announcements? In the French international side, there are happy and disappointed…
It’s a fantastic thing to be able to compete in a World Cup, a special emotion to represent your country. I am very happy for Matteo (Guendouzi) and Jordan (Veretout)very disappointed in Jonathan (Keys). He deserved to be in the national team, after a great start to the season, but you have to respect coach Didier Deschamps’ choices. I spoke to him, Jonathan has to take this as a challenge to show the coach that he can do even better.

You never know what can happen in the future. This Thursday we worked with an hour and a half high quality session, that’s the most important thing, we are working on the details. The players are focused on what’s to come, internationals first. When I congratulated them yesterday (Wednesday) for their invitation to the WhatsApp group, they answered me: “This weekend there is the match in Monaco.” And this is positive, they think about this meeting before thinking about the World Cup.

Is this Sunday’s meeting particularly important in determining the quality of the first part of the season?
I don’t necessarily look at the ranking, I just look at it every now and then. The season is a marathon, and there are still three points left, they are a little more important because we are facing a direct rival.

“The most important thing is that the team produces beautiful football, that entertains the people, gives them emotions”

How do you explain that you were whistled at the Velodrome on Sunday? Why do you think you have a divisive image between fans and fans?
The performance of the team is somewhat a reflection of the coach and his work, the rest is a bit of sterile debate, smoke. I don’t immediately say to myself, contrary to what many people will think: “You have to win, have a lot of wins on the clock.” The most important thing is that the team produces beautiful football, that entertains people, gives them emotions. Let them go out saying to themselves: “The team gave everything, they wanted to score, it was a good game.”

I don’t think about victories, as a supporter of the team, I would be disappointed to see my team evolve in a low block and win 1-0 in the run-in. Playing a crappy game and winning is not me, I’m not going to celebrate. The future of football is going in this direction of entertainment. Then, obviously, for a coach like me, winning is the most important thing, there are not only emotions.

Will you take advantage of the long international break, almost six weeks, to cut nervously and think about what’s going on? Could you go back to a back four? Add a striker around Sanchez?

After the holidays, we will prepare for a month in total, with a first part here, then ten days of practice in Spain. There will be preparation games, which will allow you to try new things, check what works, study the profiles of the players… I don’t think I will change my system and go to a four-man defence.

With Jonathan Clauss and Nuno Tavares, who are very good pistons, it is difficult to give up the current system, it would not be right. Although we play with three central players, we see a Chancel (Mbemba) which is carried forward, for example, to support, ditto with means and pistons that play high. Evolving more offensively or more defensively is not related to the patterns, but to their application. It is the interpretation of the system that counts, the intentions during the meeting. »

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