NBA: Adam Silver will perform with…

Put like that, it’s a bit of a cross, we grant you that, but the boss did warn that the teams that practice “tanking” this year will eat a punishment worthy of that name.

In fact, we don’t know for sure what the punishment for dunks will be in this 2022/2023 financial year, but Adam Silver will be more than vigilant with this phenomenon of tanks. For those who haven’t been following along, tanking is a somewhat fraudulent strategy adopted by rebuilding franchises that involves intentionally losing as many games as possible in order to get the next #1 draft pick. You can imagine that with the arrival of of generational talent in the league next season (hello Victor Wenbanyama), some teams (hello SA Spurs) will subscribe to this practice.

The expected decline?

From a sporting, technical and economic point of view, the issue of relegation to the secondary league (G-League) is impossible even if it is imagined several times. On the ESPN mics, Adam Silver says: “(Tanking) is something we’ll have to see. The draft is a good system in principle. But I get it, especially when a generational player comes along, like this year. […] Teams are creative, they try things, we try things, so we’re always trying to see if there’s a better system. » Watch out for the Spurs, the Jazz, the Thunder and all the other baddies, the boss has his eye on.

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