NBA boss Adam Silver has no doubt Kyrie Irving is not anti-Semitic

On the sidelines of the conference organized by the Sport Business Journal, Adam Silver publicly evoked the recent controversy born after the sharing on Twitter by Kyrie Irving of an anti-Semitic film and the puzzling statements of the person concerned once he had been summoned to explain himself. . Silver, who is Jewish and has met Irving in recent days, said: “He is someone I have known for more than a decade and I have never heard him utter anti-Semitic words or hateful words towards anyone. »

That’s not to say it absolves the still-suspended Brooklyn Nets point guard of any responsibility in the matter. “Whether it is anti-Semitic or not is irrelevant to the harm caused by sharing this hateful content.”

Silver also gave a partial mea culpa about how long it has taken the league and the Nets to make decisions. A period during which Irving’s statements only increased the controversy. The one who has led the league since 2014 explained that the NBA and himself wanted to be sure to make the right decisions in relation to the facts in question. He now believes the five-match ban was a proportionate punishment. Irving, however, has to complete a whole series of actions before he can find the Nets group.

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