NBA – Lakers: The incredible departure of LeBron James


NBA – Lakers: The incredible departure of LeBron James

Posted on November 11, 2022 at 4:35 am

In recent days, Kyrie Irving has been talking a lot about him. After promoting an anti-Semitic film, the leader of the Nets found himself at the heart of a new controversy. LeBron James had already spoken out, condemning the actions of Kyrie Irving. But the Lakers star seems to have turned his jacket around with another outing.

For a few days, Kyrie Irving is at the center of a real controversy a N.B.A. After promoting an anti-Semitic and conspiratorial film on social media, the 30-year-old game developer was suspended by the clean for at least five meetings. Since, Uncle Drew apologized for this inappropriate act. lebron james therefore, he once again spoke out on the case of his former teammate in the riders.

“Kyrie has apologized and should be able to play”

On your own Twitterthe star of lakers affirm that Kyrie Irving You should now be allowed to play now that you’ve apologized: I told you I don’t like harmful information being shared. And I will continue to be, but Kyrie has apologized and should be able to play. This is what I think. It’s that simple. Help him learn, but he should be able to play. I think what is being asked of him to get back on track is excessive. He is not the person we represent him. Finally, I go back to my rehab session. »

LeBron James had a different speech

A totally different speech to the one he gave a few days ago, when the controversy had just erupted before the Kyrie Irving. ” There is no place in this world for that. No one can benefit from that and I think what Kyrie did hurt a lot of people. It’s true that he apologized yesterday or today, but it hurt and I think it’s unfortunate. Don’t put yourself in a position to hurt people when it comes to your voice, your platform, or anything. So it doesn’t matter the color of your skin, your size, your position. If you promote or say things that are harmful to a community, things that hurt people, then I don’t respect that and I don’t condone it. “, he explained in statements reported by the journalist of Clutch points Michael Corvo.

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