NBA: LeBron James, Stephen Curry… Wembanyama responds to praise from these stars


NBA: LeBron James, Stephen Curry… Wembanyama responds to praise from these stars

Posted on November 11, 2022 at 4:35 pm

Although he hasn’t arrived yet, the NBA is already on fire for Victor Wembanyama. Many stars in the league have spoken about him, including LeBron James, who called him an “alien.” But the 18-year-old French player, aware of his qualities, ignores them and remains focused on his goals.

A first in the history of the N.B.A. Although he will be drafted in a few months, Victor Wembanyama is already making his mark in the league. The N.B.A announced a few days ago that it will broadcast the meetings of the Plates in the regular season, club where the 18-year-old player plays. This shows the expectations placed Victor Wembanyama. During a series of matches organized against the G-League Ignite at vegas recently, he had the opportunity to expose all his talent to the eyes of the American public.

“It didn’t bother me”

Performances and qualities that had not failed to make the best players in the league react. ” Everyone compares it to a unicorn, but I’d say it’s more of an alien “, he had confided lebron james. Stephen Curry he had also been impressed by her talent. He was asked about the glowing comments about him in an interview with The team, Victor Wembanyama claims that his life he didn’t change because of it. No word in the world can be more satisfying than the realization of the vision of my project. Above all, it gave me more communication work (laughs). But that didn’t bother me. I work best when I have a lot to do. This is how I want to live my life. »

“I think everything that happens to me makes sense”

since childhood, Victor Wembanyama in the spotlight that shines on him. Aware of the expectations it arouses and of its qualities, it tries” be relaxed I play basketball, I like it, I have fun. Cool attitude is me, I don’t like to hold my head. Being fully aware of my ambition and my determination, I believe that everything that happens to me has meaning. And the demand I have on myself matches those expectations. »

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