NBA: The crisis of the Lakers and ‘King James’ soon said goodbye?

Well, we’ll teach you absolutely nothing if we tell you that the LA Lakers aren’t very good this year and that some executives should usually pack their bags soon. But according to a former Bulls, the Californian franchise should even kick King James!

We like (former Chicago player) Jay Williams, but we honestly don’t believe it. The Lakers certainly have as many wins on the clock as PSG have the Champions League, but we doubt the big problem is LeBron James. On SiriusXM Radio, the retired quarterback says:

I found articles from 2019, you know what some of those articles said when (Anthony) Davis was traded to the Lakers? “This is the best change the Lakers have made in the history of the organization. Now that puts you in the same category as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Pau Gasol. I remember thinking to myself in 2019: “That’s unbelievable. When LeBron leaves, AD is going to be the guy to carry the torch. And people were saying he was one of the top five players in the league.”

When was the last time Anthony Davis’ name was brought up in the MVP conversation? So I’m looking at the entire organization saying if you’re talking about sustaining the success of the franchise, if we’re really going to be ruthless about it, everybody should be on the table. What can I get for LeBron James? What can I get for Anthony Davis? What can I get for Russell Westbrook? We have to think about the future…

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