NBA, the game for equality

It is not a work like the others. Form first: Richly illustrated hardcover is an aesthetic success. In terms of merit, then, it is essential as indicated by its title: The party for equality. The opportunity to know more – or learn – how Martin Luther King’s influence grew, year after year, thanks to and through basketball.

And more specifically since 1986 with the creation of Martin Luther King Day (MLK​​​​​​Day) which honors, every January, the memory of the peaceful leader of the fight for the recognition of the civil rights of blacks. In fact, the NBA has become a major player in these commemorations.

While it obviously evokes the life and struggles led by Dr. King, this book focuses mostly on the legacy of this fight thanks to the present and past players of the National Basketball Association. A way, too, to understand the evolution of the legendary American league.

From Bill Russell to Tony Parker to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, David Stern, Damion Thomas, Lou Williams, Lebron James or even Jaylen Brown and the Blacks Lives Matters, not to mention WNBA basketball players, they all represent , page after page, something very necessary. witness in this unfortunately endless struggle for civil rights.

Words, images, playlist, portraits, dates and dreams… Like those of Martin Luther King. That is why this book is not like the others. It is indispensable.

NBA, the game for equalitySolar Editions, 144 pages, 26.90 euros

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