NBA: The great goals of Victor Wembanyama


NBA: The great goals of Victor Wembanyama

Posted on November 11, 2022 at 10:35 am

In a few months, Victor Wembanyama will make the jump to the NBA. The Mets shortstop is already heralded as the future No. 1 pick in the draft, which is also part of his ambitions. At 18 years old, the French player, who could make his debut with the blues this Friday against Lithuania, is aware of his qualities and even if he does not want to reveal them all, he has great goals.

The new basketball phenomenon is French. At 18 years old and still evolving LNB with the PlatesVictor Wembanyama is already panicking N.B.A. He will join the National Basketball Association in a few months and he has already been able to display all his talent during a series of matches organized in vegas in front of the G-League Ignite. For the first time, the N.B.A has also decided to broadcast the matches of Victor Wembanyama with the Metropolitans 92proof of the expectations it arouses.

“I’d like to be indefensible one day”

While measuring 2m21, his skill, dribbling and outside shots impress. Recently, he had also distinguished himself with a three-leg shot. An unconventional plan, but what is ” something mastered, that I have been working on for months “, he confided in an interview The team. ” I have it in my mind to keep innovating. Putting up a lot of points, getting more and more rebounds, putting up counters, that’s good. But at some point, the adversaries adapt. You have to surprise, surprise, always surprise. I would like to be indefensible one day, a player able to adapt to all situations, versatile, both a defender and an attack. A basketball player like a chess player, able to anticipate my opponents every move and have the answer. »

“I have ambitions, and more than confidence, I have faith in myself”

Aware of its qualities, Victor Wembanyama he wants to stay in his place 18 years old, as humble and true to myself as possible. But I have ambitions, and more than confidence, I have faith in myself. I am inspired by great players, with the idea of ​​creating my own philosophy, my game, something new. And I have no doubt that by choosing the right path, with my unique roots, I will be able to achieve my goals.. “Most of his targets want them” watch over me When my desire to play in the NBA was affirmed, I quickly wanted to win a title as well. I can also share that I intend to be the #1 pick in the 2023 draft. I expect nothing more and nothing less, because I know I work for. »

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