Paul Seixas: “I’m starting to get used to it” – News

After Steinmaur and Bulle, in Switzerland, Paul Seixas won in France. This Tuesday he won the Dijon cyclo-cross. “I’m very happy to have won, there was a very good level”observe on the microphone of DirectVelo. The Rhodian won the Junior race ahead of Alexis David (SCO Dijon). “This weekend he will be at the European, he is strong at the start of the season,” adds the winner of the day.


The driver of the VC Villefranche Beaujolais has started the Dijon circuit well. After a first observation lap, he accelerated from the second loop. “I tried to make gaps in the race and push on the climbs.” He managed to make the hole bit by bit. “Then I managed my effort not to make mistakes. I also tried to work on improving the points where I had difficulties at the beginning of the season”.

The Champion of France Cadet 2022 is classified as “mixed” his first part of the season. “I made a lot of mistakes. I was hoping to do better, but it will come, I’m coming to the Junior”. In Tabor, for his big first in the French team, he crashed at the start of the race. “I was very disappointed, but it was a great experience”, thanks the pilot ranked 30th in the Czech Republic. He was not selected for the European Championship scheduled for Sunday in Namur. Although disappointed, he understands his non-selection. “The selected runners deserve their place”.


In the coming weeks, Paul Seixas will focus on the last two days of the French Cup, in Camors (Morbihan) and then Troyes (Aube). “We will have to do well and see where I stand compared to the best Frenchmen”, the absent boy confides in Nommay for his presence in Tabor. The goal will be to regain his place in the French selection when the last three days of the World Cup are played in January. “We are entering a period where you will have to be fit without burning out because the goals are almost all in January. I have full confidence in my coach”says the AG2R Citroën U19 Team resident.

The 16-year-old pilot intends to take advantage of the upcoming tests to continue strengthening in his new category. “The races are ten minutes longer. It always hurts a little when you hit a category, but I’m getting used to it. For now, the goal is to do as well as possible and make fewer mistakes”. Goal achieved this Tuesday in Dijon.

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