Qatar rejects creation of compensation fund for World Cup migrant workers

With less than three weeks to go before the next World Cup in Qatar (November 20 to December 18), Qatari Labor Minister Ali Ben Samikh Al-Marri told AFP on Wednesday that he opposed the creation of ‘a compensation fund for foreign workers. Several NGOs, including Amnesty International, and federations, including the FFF, had already expressed their support for the creation of such a fund, in particular to compensate the families of workers who died at the sites of the stadium

Every death is a tragedy, but there are no criteria to establish this fund. Where are the victims? do you have the names defended the minister of Qatar, recalling that in 2018 a fund had already been created for workers who did not receive their salary and that requests for more than 10 years were still taken into account by the country.

Accusations of racism

Ali Ben Samikh Al-Marri also preferred to speak of a ” communication trick on the part of these NGOs, regretting the will to do so discredit Qatar with deliberately misleading claims “. He even went so far as to talk about racism to justify the behavior of these organizations and certain countries, assuring that they did not want to.” not allow a small country, an Arab country, a Muslim country to host the World Cup “.

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