Run to the Orne. In La Ferrière-Béchet, Ajdi and Berghachi end up together

The Ajdi-Bergahachi duo, the first two from La Ferrière.
The two friends Mohamed Berghachi and Mohamed Ajdi finished the race together on Tuesday, November 1 in La Ferrière-Béchet, near Alençon. © L’Orne Hebdo

The association run by Philippe Léon and his wife is called “A gesture, a dream, a smile. “Gestures and smiles, the spectators of La Ferrière-Béchet, near Alençon (Orne), had them, on Tuesday, November 1, with the champions Mohamed Berghachi i mohamed ajdi. The two friends have done it finished by hand during the charity event “Run for your dreams”.

“I wouldn’t have missed this race for anything in the world”

They didn’t want to pass each other, arrive together, be one. If the two “Mo” showed a clean game after almost 12 km of race, it is not for fun, only because this race, which you don’t come especially to set a time, they really like to help sick children.

So after two years off, the arrival was like a rejection of the health crisis with this beautiful image. “It’s the second time we’ve made this podium! they smiled when they arrived. “The course is hilly with lots of hills. We did the first loop together with Arnaud Deceroit, but in the second Mohamed told me: “I’m leaving”. There were 150-200 meters between us throughout the second loop”, explains Mohamed Ajdi, member of the Alençon Running Club.

Berghachi adds: “With Mo we have done several races, such as Chartres, more humanitarian than sporting. I was sick this week, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. “Heart to hand, we tell you.

A strong sign that Philippe Léon, the president of the “A gesture, a dream, a smile” association, organizer of the event, liked it.

“This event is communication about our association, visibility to a different audience than we usually address. It is also a financial contribution to our projects for the benefit of sick children, whether hospitalized or at home. »

Philippe Léon, president of the association “A gesture, a dream, a smile”

Participation: back to normal

The figures suggest a return to normality, as the organizing team feared a drop in participation. “We had 210 runners and 275 walkers. It was very stressful! Entries came in little by little. We were afraid that there were not many runners. We also checked the weather forecast in different places. »

Among the women, Camille Messager (A3 Alençon) was the fastest in the 12 km. In the 6 km, respective victories of Valentin Chéruel (Alençon Running Club) and Sonia Mordret (A3 Alençon). “I’m coming off an intense field with big sessions, so it was complicated. I knew the route and the weather conditions were not easy. I didn’t panic. It perfects the preparation”, analyzes Valentin Cheruel.

Videos: currently in Actu
The winner of the 6 km, Valentin Cheruel (ARC).
Valentin Cheruel (ARC), winner of the 6 km, “finishes his preparation”. With his club, he will participate this weekend in the French championship of Ekiden in Paris. © L’Orne Hebdo

you can

6 km. Men: 1. Valentin Cheruel (Alençon Running Club), 20’01; 2. Vincent Epiphane (A3 Alençon), 20’42; 3. Clément Jonchère (Without license), 20’45. Female: 1. Sonia Mordret (A3 Alençon), 24’05; 2. Delphine Roux (A3 Alençon), 24’10; 3. Myriam Garel Le Dylio (ASPTT Argentan), 24’46.

11.5 km. Men 1. Mohamed Ajdi (Alençon Running Club), 39’31; 2. Mohamed Berghachi (NL), 39’32; 3. Arnaud Deceroit (Bayard Argentan), 40’55. Women: 1. Camille Messager (A3 Alençon), 51’36; 2. Hélène Marie (Les Coureurs-Prés-Sées), 53’04; 3. Cindy Hamery (NL), 53’51.

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