The bounce wants to circulate the ball

The French from Rebond have the continuation in the ideas. Three years ago, they produced their first eco-designed balloons under the fair trade standard of the NGO Max Havelaar. Last year they reintroduced part of their production in France. The brand has set itself a new challenge: to develop a complete circular economy around the ball, that is, to manufacture a new one from an old one. Which is impossible today.

In fact, the balloons are constructed of three materials (PVC, PET and cotton or polyester), some of which are fused together. However, each material must be recycled independently. So the balloons end up in the incinerator. “In light of this observation, our work has consisted of moving towards a mono-material product with materials that move away from fossil fuels,” explains Simon Mutschler, the founder of Rebond. PVC, PET and polyester are derived from petroleum. Currently, they manage to use the same material for the outer surface and the inner foam, but they have to stick a sheet of recycled polyester. Sheet separated at the time of recycling. Bounce balls are transformed into game pads or shoe soles.

To raise funds and take the next step, a crowdfunding campaign was launched in Ulule. “We have offered collaboration to several professional clubs: 20 responded positively, including 17 from Ligue 1. As usual, part of the sales (12%) will go to associations. » The campaign, which ends in two weeks, is already a success with 1,338 pre-sales, well above the target of 750.

This next step has been Rebond’s goal since its inception. “We will launch tests to produce a 100% monomaterial ball. » And therefore 100% recyclable, without manipulation. “This is the challenge of our current campaign: to finalize our research and development around the circularity of the product, and to start the industrial process for the recovery of balls, recycling, production of new balls. »

“The first three years of Rebond were used to build our history, the rest will be written around the pure game ball. »

Simon Mutschler, founder of Rebond

The goal, in the end, is to offer professional or amateur clubs, to the main consumers, balls at the beginning of the season, recover them at the end of the season to recycle them and re-inject them into the economy. “We thus attack the ball as an object of almost single-use consumption, that is to say, for one season. »

There is still a long way to go and to get there, Rebond will offer FIFA standard balls. “We are in the process of signing with the Mondial de Montaigu that will be played with our balloons in 2023, reveals Simon Mutschler. They tested the first samples and validated them. This is great news, which will launch the second phase of our project. The first three years of Rebond were used to build our history, the rest will be written around the ball of pure play. »

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