The NBA is on hiatus for election reasons

As planned since August, no NBA games took place on Tuesday, Nov. 8, because the League and players wanted to encourage Americans to vote in the midterm elections.

During an NBA regular season, there are few days without a game. Typically, this includes Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November), Christmas Eve, the Monday of the College Basketball Championship Finals, and the few days surrounding the All Star Game. But this season, the League has decided to introduce a new day without a match, and it was this Tuesday, November 8. Indeed, the leaders of the NBA, supported by the players and coaches, had announced last August that there would be no game on this day of the mid-term elections (the mid-term presidential elections, which affect the houses of Congress of United States). ), in order to encourage Americans to vote. “It’s unusual. We don’t typically change the schedule for an outside event, said James Cadogan, executive director of the NBA Social Justice Coalition. But voting and Election Day are obviously unique and incredibly important to our democracy.

An idea that germinated in the Orlando bubble

Chris Paul, the president of the players’ union, had confided for his part: “It is not a decision of the League. It was a collective decision with the players. It’s something players found during the bubble (in Orlando during the covid pandemic, in 2020, editor’s note). Often everyone thinks their vote doesn’t matter, but if you have 100 or even 1,000 people who think that way, those votes don’t count. That is why fifteen games were played on Monday, in order to make up for the lack of games the following day. Monday was also used to “expand the work of each team in their respective markets to promote civic engagement and share the means of voting made available to our partners. » Many players wore shirts with the word “vote” on them.. The NHL (hockey), another major American sport that had games on the schedule on Tuesday, did not stop, however. Pending the final results (the Republicans should have an advantage in the House and the Democrats in the Senate, according to the latest results), the season will resume this Wednesday with thirteen games, and Utah, the best team in the West for the surprise everyone (9v-3d) and Milwaukee, the best team in the East without surprising (9v-1d), will try to continue their momentum, until the next break, on November 24 for Thanksgiving.

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