The program of the week in the NBA on beIN Sports

It’s been two weeks since the NBA restarted, and French fans of the American league have finally been able to find their favorite franchises from their couch in the middle of the night. Official broadcaster of the competition in France, beIN Sports has resumed its broadcast of the most beautiful posters of the week to allow American basketball fans to fill their nights with emotions and spectacles from the thirty committed franchises. It expands the program of the week that promises to be fabulous with many Warriors and Nets, a few Lakers and Bulls and especially an “old school” duel Boston Celtics – Chicago Bulls that promises a lot on the night of Friday to Saturday.

The program of the week in the NBA on beIN Sports

Monday, October 31 in the evening

The Hawks start their road trip in the East, the Nets want to continue at home

12:30 am – Atlanta Hawks @ Toronto Raptors (beIN Sports 1)

12:30 am – Indiana Pacers @ Brooklyn Nets (beIN Sports 4)

Tuesday 01 November in the evening

Kevin Durant’s back at the home of the Nets, Steph Curry to put on the show in Miami

12:30 am – Chicago Bulls @ Brooklyn Nets (beIN Sports 1)

12:30 am – Golden State Warriors @ Miami Heat (beIN Sports 4)

Wednesday 02 November in the evening

Bring Young to “Big Apple”, LeBron to revive Lakers

12:30 am – Atlanta Hawks @ New York Knicks (beIN Sports 2)

3:30 am – New Orleans Pelicans @ Los Angeles Lakers (beIN Sports 4)

Thursday 03 November in the evening

New stage of the Florida road trip for the Warriors against the Magic

0 am – Golden State Warriors @ Orlando Magic (beIN Sports 4)

Friday 04 November in the evening

Old-fashioned duel between Bulls and C’s, the Warriors to continue

12:30 am – Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics (beIN Sports 1)

1:30 am – Golden State Warriors @ New Orleans Pelicans (beIN Sports 4)

Saturday November 5 in the evening

Orlando honored in Europe, the Nets begin a journey staying in the East

22:00 – Sacramento Kings @ Orlando Magic (beIN Sports 6)

12 a.m. – Brooklyn Nets @ Charlotte Hornets (beIN Sports 4)

Sunday 06 November in the evening

New opportunity for success for the Lakers at home, Ja Morant to work sorcery in his room against the Wizards

21:30 – Cleveland Cavaliers @ Los Angeles Lakers (beIN Sports 2)

0am – Washington Wizards @ Memphis Grizzlies (beIN Sports 4)

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