To run. Near Alençon, the Relais de Condé returns and avoids the crisis of the middle ages

Relay of Condé 2022
In forty years, more than 12,000 runners have participated in the event that has become essential in the country of Alençon. ©Relais de Condé

An unmissable event for the runners of the Pays d’Alençon, the Relief of Conde celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2019.

After two years of absence due to the health crisis, he will return, Sunday, September 11, 2022on the asphalt of Conde-sur-Sartheon the outskirts of Alençon (Orne).

A strong mobilization

No, the event has not disappeared from the calendar unlike a persistent “rumour”.that Jean-Christophe Postel, the president of the organizing committee, wants to “break” immediately.

“At the 2021 general assembly I announced that I was leaving the presidency. I never said I was leaving the association, just that I no longer wanted to be its president. We were not very involved”, he says to recontextualize. “Except that no one wanted to take my place. Months passed and people panicked. They were afraid there would be no more races. »

Faced with this concern of not being able to take over, a strong mobilization, in particular of Corridors of the ASL Condéwas launched in the spring.

“Today we have sixteen years in the office, while before we had five. It’s a dynamic and very involved team, everyone has their own tasks. In two months, we did what we used to do in five or six. Thanks to this, the race will take place in very good conditions. »

Jean-Christophe Postel, president of the organizing committee

He finally came back one year. “I am in co-presidency with whom I should take over at the end of the year. »

Relay of Condé 2022
The route will be the same as every year, that is to say, a 6 km circuit that will be completed once per porter. ©Relais de Condé

“Don’t take the broth”

Organizers can also count on a large network of volunteers for the test. “We have found almost all of our staff, with about sixty volunteers. We have an advantage: the party committee and the municipality are extremely dynamic”, welcomes the president.

Videos: currently in Actu

On the race side, the the formula will be the same than usual: a relay race of 18 km in teams of three, around a 6 km circuit that has “never moved” since its creation in 1980.

If the popular event has welcomed “more than 12,000 runners” in forty editions, Jean-Christophe Postel and his team are apprehensive about the next one.

“We saw Montsort, Alençon-Médavy… All the races that have resumed this year have suffered. We hope not to catch the broth with less than fifty teams. »

Jean-Christophe Postel

The event usually hosts between 90 and 100 participating teams.

At the same time, as every year, a festive atmosphere will resonate throughout the town for two days, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September. On the program: carnival, garage sale, fireworks…

How to register?

You can also register for the test on line on the website, here or via registration form.

“Single people can also register. We take notes and form teams of people who don’t know each other”, says Jean-Christophe Postel.

Relais de Condé, Sunday 11 September. Open race of the cadet category (2003-2006). Prices: €27 per team, €33 on race day.

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