TV rights: The NBA wants to attract streaming platforms like Apple and Amazon

2023 will be an important or even decisive year for the NBA, as Adam Silver will have to reach an agreement with the players for the new collective agreement, and we already know that it will not necessarily be simple, but also will put the television broadcasting rights at stake. as the current contract ends with the 2024/25 season.

As of 2016, the NBA receives $2.7 billion annually from its US broadcasters: ESPN, ABC and TNT. At the time, the three entities had signed a $24 billion contract, and this handsome contract had allowed the NBA and all 30 franchises to increase the salary cap from $63 million to $90 million.

Today, the NBA is financially better than ever with some players making close to $50 million a year and franchises valued in the billions, and the league fully expects to double the amount of fees. Television reaches 50 billion dollars! By comparison, the NFL in 2021 signed a contract of … 100 billion dollars over 10 years with its broadcasters.

Amazon Prime Video, a new global sports player

For this reason, the league will play competition, but it will also be open to other types of broadcasts. Thus, FrontOffice Sports announces that the NBA intends to offer deals on online platforms, such as Apple TV and Amazon.

Obviously, it would not be a question of competing with NBA League Pass, or with the televisions, but of offering them a lot with a few games. The goal? Get back at least a billion dollars a year!

Along with Amazon, we’re poised to become a major player in sports, and the e-commerce giant is already offering Thursday Night Live to the NFL for 10 years for $1.2 billion ! All over the world, Amazon, through its Prime Video service, broadcasts football such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and even the Champions League but also tennis, baseball and even basketball with 17 matches of the season regular in the WNBA.

Still, according to FrontOffice Sports, Amazon would be very present in the archive, and our colleagues are talking about a “package” that includes between one and two games per week in the regular season.

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